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Industry Update: Product delivery is delayed due to material shortages, transportation volatility, and lack of available workforce.

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Entrematic Smart Garage Door App Features and Operation

The Entrematic garage door opener app will remain active for the immediate future.  Current users of the app in connection with an Amarr 860/840 smart garage door opener will transition to a new app at a future date.

Connect the Opener to app
Stand near Wi-Fi wall station. On your mobile device, in the Entrematic app, tap the plus sign at the bottom right of screen to Connect Your Device. Follow directions in app to Connect Your Device.


Use the Entrematic app

The app’s main screen indicates the current state of the garage door and allows operation. If your garage door is fully closed, the app will show the door fully closed. If the garage door is partially or fully open, the app will show the door open.

To close or open the garage door, tap the garage door icon. Likewise, tap the light icon to turn the garage door light on or off.

For a detailed view of the device, tap a device icon. From here you can adjust the brightness of the light, and you can view a history of who operated the device.


Manage Your Devices and Members

Tap the Site Menu icon (three circles stacked on top of each other) located in the top left of the screen. From here you can remove devices from your site, invite new members to join your site and remove existing members from your site.

Invite Others

To invite a new member, select the Invite New Member button at the bottom of the Site Menu.

You will be asked to set their permission level. There are three classes of members in this application:
• You, the Entrematic app administrator, who created the site and added devices.
• Administrators, who can invite others, set/change permissions, and operate and view all devices.
• Regular members, who can operate and view only specified devices.