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Patent Marking

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Amarr Patents
In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the reader is hereby placed on notice of Amarr's rights in the Patents listed on this site and associated with the following products, which are covered by one or more of the listed patents
Amarr Model/Product/Panels
Patent No.
Classica; Bordeaux
US D575,880
US D564,673
US D565,196
MX 026233
Classica; Bordeaux; closed arch
US D575,420
Classica; Cortona
US D576,315
US D565,744
US D565,195
US D564,671
MX 025785
US D564,672
Classica; Lucern, Santiago,
or Valencia
ECD 167721
MX 018733
Classica; Lucern, Santiago, Tuscany,
or Valencia with the
Closed Arch design
MX 019887
MX 022097
Classica; Lucern
US D514,709
MX 019893
MX 022089
MX 022106
US D533,282
US D527,111
US D528,667
Classica; Northampton
US D576,314
US D575,418
US D565,194
US D564,670
MX 025786
Classica; Santiago
MX 019889
MX 022094
MX 022095
Classica; Tuscany
MX 018732
US D511,840
MX 019886
MX 022098
MX 022099
US D521,652
US D520,645
US D528,219
Classica; Valencia
US D512,517
US D521,157
US D521,158
US D528,218
Hillcrest; Raised
US D590,521
ECD 985411-6
US D590,512
ECD 985411-5
US D590,513
ECD 985411-4
Hillcrest; Recessed
ECD 985411-3
US D590,955
ECD 985411-2
US D590,956
ECD 985411-1
Amarr Model/Product/Panels
Patent No.
Garage Door Bottom Seal Retainer
US 6655440
Panels From the Classica Collection May Also be Covered Under One or More of the Following Patents
MX 25578
US D511,841
US D558,895
US D498,305
US D512,782
US D564,668
US D498,853
US D521,650
US D564,669
US D503,809
US D521,651
US D573,264
US D504,179
UD D522,665
US D573,265
US D504,520
US D527,110
US D574,971
US D505,496
US D528,220
US D575,417
US D508,133
US D528,221
UD D575,419
US D511,575
US D558,894
US D576,739
Amarr Model/Product/Design
Patent No.
Garage Door Opener
US D844,685

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