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Amarr Garage Doors

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Statement on Environmental Sustainability

Since our founding, the company has placed tremendous value in our relationships with team members, dealers and customers as part of our corporate mission and way of life.  We wouldn’t have it any other way and strive to respect others as if they were members of our own family.  After all, we were founded by three brothers as a family business more than a half century ago.

In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of another important member of the Amarr family:  Mother Nature.  At Amarr Company, valuing Mother Nature means wisely using the Earth’s precious natural resources and doing so in a way that will sustain our world for generations to come.

As a company, we strive to partner with like-minded suppliers, build energy-efficient garage doors, offer “green” products, recycle when possible and ship our products in an energy-efficient manner.  We’re the first to admit that more can be done by each of us as individuals and businesses to preserve our natural resources, but we firmly believe that the path to a better environment has to start somewhere.

Environmental benefits include:

Suppliers:  Our commitment begins with our suppliers and knowing that they believe in the same core environmental values we do.   Using local suppliers when possible, including corrugate, foam and plastics suppliers reduces the carbon emissions from shipping. When local suppliers are unavailable, we attempt to use energy-efficient rail transportation. The relationships we have with our suppliers do not end with delivery of their products to our door. Our suppliers participate in programs themselves to reuse and recycle product containers used during transportation.

Manufacturing:  We use a fully integrated software application in our manufacturing that allows efficient use of production schedules and minimizes changeovers, which reduces scrap waste and additional set ups.  With zoned heating and cooling, skylights and low-use areas without temperature regulation, we lessen the impact on the environment. Battery powered forklifts, modern conveyer systems and cart systems transport Amarr’s products through the manufacturing process with energy efficiency.  Our maintenance team recycles oil products and our steel recycling containers are enclosed to eliminate run-off into streams and rivers. We strive to be paperless.  When paper is used, however, we participate in a paper recycling program.

Steel and aluminum:  Steel is the major component of the garage doors manufactured by Amarr Company.  Steel is the most recycled material in the world, and as much as 90 percent of the steel used in our doors is manufactured from recycled material. Our steel suppliers also participate in a pallet and coil core recycle program that we initiated to save trees and landfill space. Some waste produced during the manufacturing process is recycled.  Aluminum parts, which are highly recyclable, are used for some of the door components. Our aluminum supplier participates in recycling. Any waste aluminum created during the manufacturing process at Amarr and our suppliers also is recycled.

Insulation:  The polystyrene foam insulation used in our R-value door sections is recyclable and contains no CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs or formaldehyde. The foam is locally produced from recyclable post consumer goods. During the production process foam is bonded together to reduce scrap, and small pieces are used for insulation around glazed sections. Not only is the insulation an environmentally friendly product, but an insulated garage door reduces home energy usage and may qualify for a tax credit.

PVC:  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) components are used in the installed garage door units.  PVC, which is used to produce the bottom section weather-strip and thermo stop, insulates 62 percent better than wood. The thermo barrier created by the use of these products and the better insulation value over previous products used decreases the cost for maintaining the temperature in garages, saving money and the earth’s resources.

Packaging:  The packaging of our products is engineered to supply protection to our products using minimal corrugate.  Simply put, we use enough packaging to protect our products and, at the same time, reduce impact on the environment.  Amarr Company uses the least amount of packaging on its uninsulated steel doors of any garage door manufacturer.  Our supplier of corrugate is local, and 100% of the corrugate that comes from our vendors is recycled.

Shipping and delivery:  After the products leave our manufacturing plants, our commitment to the environment does not stop. Our shipments are routed for efficiency, resulting in fewer trucks on the road. With Amarr’s 70 strategically placed distribution centers and more than 3000 dealers, garage door shopping and delivery to the local site is a short drive – saving time, fuel and reducing carbon emissions.

We work diligently to conduct day-to-day business operations in a way that demonstrates environmental stewardship in a very tangible way.  Our company believes that a healthy, sustainable environment is critical to a healthy business and a healthy future for us all.  To that end, we have assembled a “green team” that oversees our commitment to the environment and makes recommendations for improvement.

We know that more can be done but believe that we’re off to a good start.  From offering environmentally friendly garage doors to using efficient shipping methods, Amarr Company strives to manufacture and supply safe, durable garage doors with nominal environmental impact.