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Entrematic Now Offers Mosaic Window Options

May 23, 2017 2:45am

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (FEBRUARY 8, 2017) – Entrematic now offers Mosaic Window Options on its Amarr Stratford, Lincoln, Heritage and Olympus collections in single-, double- and triple-layer construction.  The Mosaic Window Options allow for the placement of Short and Long Panel windows in any standard position in any section of Flush, Ribbed, Short Panel and Long Panel door designs.

“The Mosaic Window Options is a way to add substantial visual interest to garage doors and, at the same time, help control the amount of light coming into the interior garage area,” said Entrematic vice president of marketing Vickie Lents.  “Homeowners can opt for the Mosaic Window Options to achieve a highly unique look.”

“The Mosaic Window Options is the perfect complement to popular mid-century modern or contemporary home styles,” Lents added.  “We’re definitely seeing a trend toward more contemporary architectural styles and are pleased to continue adding garage door options that homeowners are seeking.”