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Consumers Digest Includes Amarr Garage Doors among its “Best Buys”

Aug 05, 2016 3:44am

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (JULY 28, 2016) – The August issue of Consumers Digest magazine includes a feature story called, “Rising Stars:  Exceptional Values in Steel & Wood Garage Doors.”  Included among the magazine’s coveted “Best Buys” are three Amarr garage doors in the steel category.

Consumers Digest included among its “Best Buys” the Amarr Olympus OL3200 as a premium selection, the Amarr Classica CL1000 also as a premium selection and the Amarr Oak Summit OS1000 as a midrange selection.  In addition, the magazine ranked the Amarr Classica CL2000, Classica CL3000, Oak Summit OS2000 and Oak Summit OS3000 among its “Best Buys.”

“The Amarr Oak Summit OS1000 stands out among steel garage doors that are in this price range because of the steel thickness and realistic wood-grain finish,” author Brett S. Martin said.  “We like the manufacturer’s pinch-protection feature to keep safe your hands and fingers.”

“The Olympus OL3200 has the lowest price for a steel garage door that has three-layer construction,” Martin also said in the feature story.  “This model also is the least expensive steel garage door that has this high of an insulation value and a lifetime warranty on the hardware.”

“It’s an incredible honor for several models of Amarr Garage Doors to be recommended by Consumers Digest as ‘Best Buys,’” Entrematic vice president of marketing Vickie Lents said.  “We believe that author Brett Martin got it right when he said:  ‘The good news.  If you’re considering selling your home, now you will recoup 91.5 percent of the cost according to Remodeling. That’s an increase from 75.7 percent in 2013.’ Our research indicates the same thing:  garage doors are one of the best investments a homeowner can make.”

“We want to thank the team members at Entrematic for their decades of dedication to quality craftsmanship in the design and manufacturing of Amarr Garage Doors, which made them attractive to Consumers Digest to be included in the story and recommended as ‘Best Buys,’” Lents added.