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Entrematic Offers Insulated Aluminum Panels for Amarr Aluminum Full View Doors

May 29, 2015 8:02am

May 29, 2015

Entrematic has added insulated aluminum panels to the wide variety of glass and aluminum panel options available for its commercial Amarr 3550 and residential Amarr Vista aluminum full view doors.

“Our Amarr 3550 and Amarr Vista aluminum full view doors create a clean style that is perfect for modern residences, auto showrooms, service stations, car washes, fire houses, restaurants and sports complexes,” Entrematic vice president of marketing Vickie Lents said.  “I’ve seen numerous examples of incredibly beautiful modern architecture using either the Amarr 3550 or Amarr Vista doors.”

Lents said that both the commercial and residential models can be mounted as stationary fixtures or fully operative as a stylish alternative for al fresco situations.  The new insulated panels are composed of CFC-free polystyrene insulation, with an R-value of 2.53, sandwiched between two .05-inch aluminum sheets.

Also being added to the line is a perforated aluminum panel with 0.312” square perforations with a total open area is 39%.  This new option provides the perfect combination of visibility, ventilation and security.

This fall, Entrematic will also introduce an aluminum panel with louvered inserts for the Amarr 3550 and Amarr Vista aluminum full view doors as an alternative option for increased air infiltration.