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Amarr® 2402/2412/2422

Formerly Amarr 2400

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The Amarr 2402/2412/2422 is the workhorse of the industry. The deep ribbed 24-ga. steel sections can be factory- or field-modified with CFC-free polystyrene insulation that features a nylon or steel backer to fit the needed application.
  • Duty Rating Heavy-Duty
  • Insulation/R-Value N/A Or 7.0
  • Layers 1, 2, or 3
  • Warranty 10-Year
  • Price $$

Rapid Install Vertical Lift

Time is money! Designed for Amarr commercial warehouse and dock doors; saves approximately 20 minutes installation time.

Product Flexibility

The Amarr 2402/2412/2422 is available non-insulated, insulated, or insulated with a steel backer to fit most project requirements.

3-Part Specifications

Amarr's 3-Part specifications are written in the latest CSI format and are available for download in PDF, Microsoft Word, and Rich Text Format.

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3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2402.pdf 3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2402.pdf
3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2402.doc 3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2402.doc
3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2402.docx 3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2402.docx
3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2402.rtf 3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2402.rtf


Door, track and opening preparation drawings are available for download in multiple formats.

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pdf Drawing_Amarr_2402.pdf
dxf Drawing_Amarr_2402.dxf
dwg Drawing_Amarr_2402.dwg
skp Drawing_Amarr_2402.skp
Download arcatDrawing_Amarr_2402.rfa
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