Contemporary Meets Efficiency [Amarr’s Newest Garage Door]

Amarr unveils our newest garage door designed to complement architectural home styles of all kinds. With sleek lines and a look of sophistication, you will be the talk of the neighborhood with the new Classica Flush garage door.

Amarr Classica Flush

Available in multiple sizes and colors, the Amarr Classica Flush garage door is a beautiful addition for new home builds or desired garage door upgrades.

Go Beyond the Look of the Garage Door with 3 Key Features

This garage door is more than a clean, elegant design for your home.  It’s a well-engineered product offering energy efficiency and wind load protection for your largest investment – your home!  As with many Amarr garage doors, special features are available to ensure you receive the highest quality door while still enjoying an aesthetically pleasing look.

Energy Efficiency

The HCFC-free insulation increases the thermal efficiency of your garage door which helps to maintain a constant temperature in your garage. As a result, your home becomes more energy efficient.

High R-Value & Insulated Garage Doors

A high R-value means increased thermal efficiency and maintains a temperature climate in your garage during the winter and the summer. By following the industry standards DASMA sets for residential and commercial garage door manufacturers, Amarr constructs doors which not only look beautiful but bring an added value to your home’s functionality.

Wind Load Approved

Wind load doors are built specifically to withstand certain high-wind pressures with an interior wind load reinforcement system. This feature is available on most all Amarr garage doors, including our newest Classica Flush garage door, and can be added to meet your local building codes.

Ready to be the Talk of the Neighborhood with Your New Classica Flush Garage Door?

Amarr Classica Flush in Black

Amarr garage doors are sold, distributed, and installed through professional garage door dealers. Connect with a trusted Amarr Dealer to explore more about the new Amarr Classica Flush garage door.

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Garage Door Replacement Ranks #1 [2021 Cost vs. Value Report]

As a homeowner, you may be asking yourself, what remodeling projects would add the most value to the sale price of your home?  Should I start with a bathroom remodel or go straight to the outside for a roof replacement?  The answer is neither!

Your home improvement project with the highest return on investment (ROI) for 2021 is an upgrade to your garage doors! 

We know, we know.  You’re not the first one to see this as a big surprise. Remodeling Magazine’s publication of the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report showcases how important garage door replacement is in sprucing up curb appeal while also adding value to homes. For over 34 years, builders, consumers, and investors have relied on the extensive housing market research and real estate analytics completed through Zonda for the yearly release of their Cost vs. Value Report.

Studies show exterior improvements continue to trend upwards for the highest return on investment for your home with garage door replacement holding 1st place for the past 4 years.

Amarr Classica Full View

3 Reasons Why Homeowners Upgrade Their Garage Doors 

Reason #1 to Upgrade Your Garage Doors:  Energy Efficiency

Engineering and technological advancements have allowed the construction of garage doors to evolve over the years.  With these advancements, new methods of manufacturing allow garage doors to be more energy efficient reducing the transfer of air from the outside of the garage to the inside of the home.  Explore more about energy efficiency and how having new garage doors can help reduce heating and cooling bills while adding value to your home.

Reason #2 to Upgrade Your Garage Doors: Reduce Noise with Insulated Doors

Garage doors are more than just a few sections of steel or aluminum with some hardware and an operator.  They are structurally sound, well-engineered doors that secure the largest opening in your home.  Since garage doors are used so frequently and are often located under large living spaces in a home, they often times are very noisy and annoying when opening and closing. When combining insulated garage doors with quiet operating operators, you have the perfect garage door system for a high performing, quiet noise operation. Explore more about insulated garage door construction before replacing your garage doors.

Reason #3 to Upgrade Your Garage Doors:  Enhance Your Home’s Architectural Style

Homeowners are amazed at the transformation their homes take once new garage doors are installed.  Since every home has its own style, the right garage door can make a home’s personality come to life.  From a simple one color, solid panel design to a more elaborate two-tone, Carriage Court style door, your garage door choices are limitless.


Amarr Carriage Court Collection: Tanglewood Design with Closed Arch in Wicker Tan/White

Before you buy your next garage door, make sure to view our easy 5 step process on how to choose the best garage door to fit your home’s style. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Garage Doors?

Amarr garage doors are sold, distributed and installed through professional garage door dealers. Connect with a trusted Amarr Dealer to upgrade your garage doors and recoup 94% of your home’s value.

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Amarr Garage Door Helps Transform Military Family’s Home

Amarr proudly helped the popular television show Military Makeover with Montel salute a  veteran by providing a makeover for his family’s home.  Staff Sgt. Burgess of Cape Coral, Florida was grievously wounded during military deployment in Afghanistan in 2011, causing numerous injuries, including the amputation of his right leg below the knee.  His years long recovery is ongoing, and Staff Sgt. Burgess credits his family as his source of strength throughout the challenges.

Though things had to be done differently this season and more safety measures were in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the crew did a great job and completed the gorgeous home makeover for the Burgess family.

Amarr provided an Amarr Heritage HR3000 triple-layer insulated steel wind load approved garage door to the Burgess family.  This door provides multiple benefit to the family home:

  • Improved curb appeal with the stylish long panel bead board design in True White with arched Thames window inserts and frosted glass,
  • Triple-layer insulated steel helps improve the energy efficiency of their home, and
  • Wind load approved technology protects their home against strong winds prevalent in Florida.

LiftMaster also provided a WLED garage door opener to provide an abundance of lighting in the garage space.  This opener is also a smart opener, so the family can operate the garage door from their smartphones using LiftMaster’s myQ® technology.

To watch this inspiring season of Military Makeover and see the rest of the renovation, both inside and outside the home, tune into Lifetime TV or visit for full episodes!

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10 Garage Conversion Ideas to Complete During the Holidays

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If you are pressed for space and looking for a way to improve your home, look no further than your garage. This flexible space can do much more than just hold your car, and sometimes the best thing to do is park by the curb and use your garage in other, more creative ways.

With the holiday season right around the corner, there has never been a better time to do a little home improvement, and the garage is a great place to start. Whether you convert the entire space and kick your cars to the curb or just use part of the garage, you can increase the living area inside your home and even increase its value, all for far less than the cost of a formal room addition. Here are 10 amazing garage conversion ideas you can complete before the holiday season is over.

Amarr 860 Wi-Fi garage door opener with downward dispersing LED light

#1. A Guest Room Worthy of Company

Despite the strangeness of 2020, we hope that life will go back to a semblance of normalcy, and that includes visits from faraway family and friends. If you want to put your in-laws and assorted other relatives up in style, why not transform your humble garage into a stunning guest room?

By the time you are done with the remodeling project, your garage will be all but unrecognizable. Instead of housing an automobile, your new guest room can house your relatives hotel-style, all without the cost or inconvenience of a hotel stay. You can dress up the space any way you like, with plenty of room for a comfy bed, attractive chairs, and even a TV mounted on the wall.

#2. A Home Gym for Your Post-Holiday Workouts

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose those holiday pounds, why not get a head start on your goals by transforming your garage into a home gym? For less than the cost of a full year’s gym membership, you can outfit your former garage with workout benches, a high-quality treadmill, and maybe even one of those souped-up exercise bikes.

Transforming your garage into a workout space can give you a double benefit – you are sure to work up a sweat as you move all those boxes and bring in all that exercise equipment. When you are done, you can sit back and relax, at least until tomorrow’s scheduled workout.

Garage Transformation Into a Home Gym

#3. Stop Paying for That Storage Unit

These days people have so much stuff that they rent tiny apartments for their extraneous possessions. These pint-sized apartments, in the form of storage units, are big business, and you may even have one of your own.

If you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars a month just so your stuff can have a home, why not bring those items into the garage and save the dough? Depending on how much stuff you have, you may be able to combine this transformation with some of the others on our list. If not, at least your stuff will have a rent-free home.

#4. A Workshop Worthy of Your Dreams

If you are a budding handyman (or woman), you will need a place to pursue your passions and continue your craft. Transforming your existing garage into a workshop or woodshop has many important benefits compared to building a standalone shed in your backyard, starting with the fact that there is already light and electricity in the space. With some tried and true organization tips, you could have the workshop you’ve always wanted!

Even a small garage will have plenty of space for a table saw, lathe, and other woodworking tools, and handy homeowners can even line the walls with pegboard to keep their tools within easy reach. And if you can use your new workshop to make home improvements, the transformation could pay for itself in no time.

#5. Get Away From It All with a Man Cave

You work hard to keep a roof over your family’s head and food on their plates, and sometimes you just need to get away. If retreating to the den or heading down to the basement for some alone time is no longer cutting it, just take a look at the space your car calls home.

A garage can make an exceptional, and exceptionally roomy, man cave, with plenty of room to stretch out, relax, and watch the big game. You can even add a mini-fridge stocked with beer and snacks and invite a few of your man caveless friends over for the weekend.

#6. Relax and Unwind in Your Own She Shed

The “she shed” is the female equivalent of the man cave, and it too can be accommodated by your current garage. A she-shed can be designed any way you want it, part home spa, part relaxing oasis, and part TV room.

No matter how you design it, you will love your finished “she shed”. Transforming your garage into a space just for you is not selfish – it is a great way to keep peace in the family.

#7. Be More Productive with a Home Office

With so many people now working from home, having a great home office has never been more important. Unfortunately, however, many telecommuters are working from bedrooms, basements, and even closets, and that can hinder their productivity and even put their jobs at risk.

If you want a home office worthy of a Zoom meeting, not to mention a generous tax deduction, look no further than your garage. Just think about how great your new home office will look once all the clutter has been cleared out and your ergonomically designed desk has been installed. In no time at all, you will be the star of the virtual office, all thanks to your garage transformation.

#8. Relax With a Home Sauna or Hot Tub

If you have always wanted a hot tub or sauna but do not relish the walk across your cold back yard, now you can enjoy the best of both worlds. With a few relatively simple upgrades you can transform your humble garage into a place of rest and relaxation, all for less than a stay at a fancy resort.

Even if you have to run an extra water line or upgrade your electrical outlets, you can transform your garage into an amazing home spa, complete with sauna, hot tub, steam shower, or anything else that strikes your fancy. If you are looking for rest and relaxation, you cannot go wrong with this great garage transformation.

#9. A Playroom for Your Kids

If your kids are driving you crazy and getting in the way of your at-home workday, why not give them their own separate play space? Transforming your garage into a playroom for the kids is a great idea, especially if you have a house full of little ones.

The beauty of this garage transformation is that it can grow with your kids. You can use chalk to paint hopscotch squares on the garage floor when your kids are young, then bring in makeup tables, video game consoles, and other age-appropriate accessories as they get older.

#10. Give Your Teen Some Growing Space

Having a teenager in the house can be stressful, especially when you are pressed for space. If your teen is grumbling about a lack of room and a dearth of privacy, why not give them their own apartment?

All you need to create that separate living space is an unused garage, and when you are done your teen may be so thankful that they will happily take out the trash. Even if that dream does not come true, you can ask the teenager in your life to help out with the garage transformation, moving boxes, putting away extra items, and dragging their furniture out from the house.

No matter what the size of the home, many families are finding that there is simply not enough space to go around. The needs of a growing family can eat up those extra rooms pretty quickly, and paying for an addition is not always an option, and even if it is that kind of extensive home improvement project could take months to complete and upend your normal family routine.

If you are looking for an easier, and much less expensive, way to add space to your home, why not start with the space you already have? Whether you have a one-car garage or a spacious two-car abode, that spare room in the making is just begging for a transformation.

Now that you know how many hats your garage can wear, it is time to get started. Just stand at the precipice of the existing space, close your eyes and picture how wonderful your garage could be. Whether you turn the garage into a tax-deductible home office, a private space for the teenager in the home, or a gym with no membership required, you can turn your sweat equity and vision into exceptional and long-lasting home improvement.

Visit to add the finishing touch to your garage transformation with a fresh, new garage door!

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Amarr Classica Doors Complement Sophisticated Home on Property Brothers: Brother vs. Brother

Amarr Classica garage doors were featured in the season 7 finale of HGTV’s popular TV series “Property Brothers: Brother vs. Brother.”  Featuring the “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott, this season took place in Los Angeles’s historic Hancock Park neighborhood.  Through the course of the show, the brothers purchase and renovate real estate, and then compete with each other to see which home sells for the most profit that is donated to charity.  This season’s charity was No Kid Hungry, which provides meals for children in need.

Photos (c) Dennys Ilic courtesy of

Both homes were renovated inside and out while keeping the historic and classic vibe of the original architecture and surrounding neighborhood.  The two Amarr Classica CL1000 doors were installed on the detached garage of Drew’s “Corner Chateau” home helped win the competition for most profitable sale!

Installed by Amarr dealer RW Garage Doors, the Amarr Classica doors are three-section steel garage doors with the largest windows available on any Amarr steel door.  The doors, pictured above, feature Cortona design in black with Madeira windows.  The door design complements the sophisticated black details of the “Corner Chateau” home.

To watch the season finale of “Brother vs. Brother” and see the full reveal of both homes, visit to watch on-demand with your television provider login.

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Amarr Classica gets a Modern Twist

Contemporary home design is a trend that has been picking up speed!  Many contemporary, modern homes feature an abundance of natural light and parallel lines.  If you’re looking to make your home’s façade look more contemporary, don’t leave out the garage door!

The Amarr Classica CL3000 Full View is a stunning garage door option that makes a contemporary statement on any home while providing the stylish yet low-maintenance design that the Amarr Classica is known for. 

Why choose an Amarr Classica Full View door?

  • Sophisticated, contemporary design that flatters many different home facades
  • Largest windows of any Amarr steel Full View door allowing an abundance of natural light into the garage
  • Sturdy, durable steel construction with polyurethane insulation between steel front and back panels for low-maintenance functionality with modern flair
  • Customization options including eight standard solid colors, three dual-directional woodgrain colors, over 700 approved Amarr Color Zone custom colors and a variety of single pane tempered or insulated glass options

What are you waiting for? Check out what your home would look like with an Amarr Classica Full View garage door by visiting the Amarr Door Designer!

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Planning to Sell Your Home? Here’s How to Increase and Protect Home Value on a Budget

By Jeff Anttila

If you’ve been living in your home for a while, chances are a lot of little things go unnoticed. You may have begun to notice these things, like faded paint, chips in the tile, and the mildew on your home’s siding that has been building up over the years. Whether you live in a townhouse in Atlanta, GA and simply want to maintain the value of your home, or you live in a craftsman style home in Portland, OR and looking to spruce it up for resale, these are things even the most budget-conscious homeowner can address. To learn how to increase home value on a budget check out these top five home improvement projects that not only bring a return on your investment and appeal to potential buyers but will also add joy to your life.

1. Deep clean and declutter

Now is a great time to start going through your closets, storage areas, and everything else you own and begin eliminating things you no longer need. Not only does decluttering and deep cleaning help retain the value of your home, but it can also help reduce stress and anxiety in these uncertain times. Pay particular attention to your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as your living room as these are most often a home’s best selling points.

If you’re selling your home and already moved out, for less than $1,000, you can have professionals come in and deep clean your home. What that includes, exactly, will vary by company so be prepared with lots of questions. Make it clear that you don’t just want the range cleaned, you want it pulled out and the floor and wall cleaned underneath. What value does this bring to your home? According to a 2019 survey by HomeLight, deep cleaning can add as much as $4,000 to your home’s resale value. And you’ll have newfound joy every time you come home.

2. Paint inside and out

When selling your home, you want the prospective homebuyer to picture themselves living there. That’s not going to happen with your teenager’s black walls or your mother-in-law’s flowery wallpaper. Neither will faded and dirty paint make them feel at home. Painting the interior of your home in a neutral color requires a relatively small investment for what you’ll get in return, which is usually more interested homebuyers and hopefully more competing offers.

Painting the exterior of your home may cost a bit more, especially if you hire a professional, but the increase in curb appeal could sell your home faster. Does it need it? Take a walk outside and look around. Do you see any cracks or peeling? Has the color faded? If the answer is yes, the time to repaint is now.

3. Replace the garage door

While taking that walk outside, look at the garage door. They take a lot of abuse. How did it sound the last time you opened and closed it? Telltale dents from bike wrecks or flying balls go unnoticed after a while. Check the sweep, too. If blowing rains come under the door, chances are critters do, too and the sweep needs replacing. For less than $5,000, on average, you can reap an ROI of almost 95 percent when you replace it. Enhance your home’s character with windows or decorative panels and watch as the neighbors slow down to admire the improvement. 

4. Add a manufactured stone veneer

To really spruce things up, consider giving your home a stone veneer facelift. Manufactured stone pairs well with many home styles and gives it a rich feel. If you have vinyl siding, this upgrade is something to seriously consider. On average, you can cover 300-square-feet of the bottom third of your home’s street-facing facade for less than $10,000 and reap a whopping 96 percent ROI, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report.

Why would you want to spend money on an upgrade like stone veneer if you’re just selling your house anyways? If your home is competing with several other homes in your area that are also for sale and are similar in appearance, a stone veneer is a great way to draw attention to your listing over others in the area and could help you sell your home quicker and for more money.

5. Increase home value by upgrading your kitchen

If a total kitchen remodel or renovation isn’t in your budget, consider a few upgrades. Staying under $5,000, there are quite a number of things you can do. To create the popular farmhouse style, remove your upper cabinets and replace with open shelving and repaint the lower cabinets a creamy white. Replace the countertop, flooring, or all the appliances so they match. Or, add an island to a large space. No matter which project you choose to do in the heart of your home, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry gives it a Joy Score of 10 in their annual Remodeling Impact Report.

Originally Published by Redfin

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Recap: Hottest New Amarr Products from IDA Expo 2020

The 2020 International Door Association Expo was held March 2-6 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Entrematic’s booth was filled with exciting new Amarr products, proving that Amarr continues to bring innovation to the market, with the focus this year on modern, contemporary looks that are in demand by consumers nationwide!  Couldn’t go?  We’ve rounded up the four hottest upcoming Amarr products shown at IDA Expo 2020.

A close-up shot of the Diamond Weave texture
  • Amarr Prism Diamond Weave Pattern

Arguably the hottest new Amarr product shown at IDA was the Amarr Prism door, a 2” unique diamond weave pattern steel door. “The Amarr Prism door appears like a modern, flush door from a distance, but as you approach the door the Diamond Weave design creates more interest and uniqueness. In addition, the Diamond Weave embossment adds more strength and durability as compared to a smooth flush door and makes minor scratches less visible,” says Maura DelVecchio, Residential Product Manager. Offered as a 2” polyurethane insulated door, the Diamond Weave design is available in 4 residential colors in the Amarr Prism collection and in 5 commercial colors in Amarr 2742. Projected availability Q3 2020

  • Smooth Flush Commercial Door

Fulfilling the need for contemporary styling with commercial applications, the new smooth flush panel option was a hit at the Entrematic IDA booth. This design has no embossment or shadow line, providing a clean, contemporary look to highlight modern architecture in commercial office buildings, retail establishments or high-tech apartments. Projected availability Q3 2020

  • Amarr Classica Flush Panel

The Amarr Classica door in Flush Panel, shown in the Entrematic IDA booth with Mosaic Window Options, is made with only three sections to create a wider span of flush panels. This results in an even sleeker, modern looking door. The Amarr Classica Flush panel door with Mosaic Window Options will be available to place in any standard position for a modern window look or a simulated Full View look. This door also provides a perfect base for dealer-made overlay doors. Projected availability Q4 2020

  • Bordeaux Color for Amarr Aluminum Full View and MultiView doors

Amarr debuted a new anodize color, Bordeaux, for Aluminum Full View (Amarr Vista VI1000 and Amarr 3552) and MultiView (Amarr Horizon HO1000 and Amarr 3582) residential and commercial doors.  This wine red color adds another beautiful and stylish option for the modern aluminum and glass doors. Projected availability Q3 2020

Entrematic partnered with Linear/Nortek Control to host an Amarr Dealer Appreciation Event during the IDA Expo at Squatter’s Pub. Thank you to the many Amarr dealers who joined us for this event!

To see more photos of the Entrematic booth and Dealer Appreciation Event, visit the Amarr Facebook page. See you at IDA EXPO 2021 in New Orleans!

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2020 Cost vs. Value Report: Garage Door Replacement Still Reigns Supreme

When preparing to sell a home or deciding on upgrades, return on investment is an important factor to consider. Get more bang for your buck with garage door replacement! Garage door replacement was named the #2 upscale remodeling project for return on investment by Remodeling Magazine, with a return on investment rate of over 94%!

The 2020 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine ranks garage door replacement as one of the top three home improvement projects with the highest percentage of cost recouped when the home is sold. Not only can you enjoy increased curb appeal with a brand new garage door, but you can rest easy knowing that your investment will pay you back during a home sale.

Maximize your remodeling budget and replace your garage door!

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Amarr Classica Garage Doors Upgrade Sisters’ Flip House

House flipping, a growing trend in real estate development, is the practice of purchasing a home, making repairs and improvements, and reselling it for a profit. House flipping is everywhere – on television shows, in magazines and books, and online. When Ashley and Whitney, the Shanty2Chic sisters behind, decided to undertake their first house flipping project, they knew that they would have to put their self-taught carpentry and design skills to good use both inside and outside the home. The end result is a beautiful, spacious family home with rustic design elements.

Front facade of the Shanty2Chic flip house. Photo (c)

Featured Amarr Garage Doors

Amarr partnered with Shanty2Chic to provide two Amarr Classica CL3000 garage doors to increase the flip home’s curb appeal. The two Golden Oak Classica doors feature the Cortona panel design with large Thames windows and complement the golden wood accents in and around the house.

The garage doors complement the home perfectly. Photo (c)

Why They Chose Amarr for Their Garage Door Upgrade

Whitney says of Amarr garage doors, “We knew we wanted to go with Amarr doors for this home.  We wanted the look of a wood door, but needed durability and low-maintenance.  We love the look of carriage house doors, and knew that the Classica line would meet all of those needs.  Not only does it look like real wood, it matches the cedar accents on the house so perfectly.  We were also able to add large windows at the top of the doors to allow a lot of natural light into the garage space.”

Although Whitney knew exactly what she wanted, homeowners often times don’t know where to start the garage door selection process. Amarr makes it easy with our simple Choosing a Garage Door tutorial.

Before and after photos of the Shanty2Chic flip house. Photos (c)

“The garage door of a home is just as important as the front door!  It is one of the most visible and used doors into the home, and we are so pleased with the value these Amarr doors added to our house.”

The home recently sold. Both Whitney and Ashley state that they are “excited that a family now gets to enjoy it.”

For more information on the home’s renovation, visit

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