Entrematic worked with a local Architect (Kevin Blalock & Partners) to develop an energy-efficient door solution for the Salt Lake County Fleet Management facility to help them attain LEED Gold Certification.
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Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

We are committed to energy-efficient and sustainable processes and products that contribute LEED points to your building projects.
  • Amarr steel commercial doors are made with up to 90% recycled steel; any aluminum or steel waste created during manufacturing is recycled.
  • Our product packaging is made of 100% recycled corrugate.
  • Local supply and distribution reduces the carbon emissions in shipping.
  • Our polystyrene foam insulation is recyclable and contains no CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs or formaldehyde.
  • Our foamed-in-place polyurethane insulated doors conserve more energy and provide the industry’s highest R-values per inch.

LEED Gold Case Study

Salt Lake County Fleet Management Facility

Entrematic partnered with Frontier Overhead Door and Kevin Blalock & Partners (Architects) to develop an energy-efficient door solution for Salt Lake County Fleet Management facility to help them attain LEED Gold Certification.

Architect Kevin Blalock wanted to create a “Jiffy Lube on steroids” for the fleet maintenance facility.  “This is their workspace and their playground,” stated Blalock.

The result of the collaborative project was highly durable, energy efficient and visually appealing commercial doors from Amarr.  The Amarr 2042 triple-layer polyurethane insulated (R-value 19.4) steel sections combined with Amarr 3552 aluminum full view sections with ½” thick insulated glass allow employees to clearly see maintenance vehicles entering and exiting the facility, contribute natural lighting to the interior workspace, and provide improved energy efficiency.

Awards Most Outstanding Project - Utah Construction and Design, Public Projects under $10 Million
Location Midvale, Utah
Project Size 40,500 square feet
Facility cost $9.4 million
Completion 2015
Architect Kevin Blalock & Partners – Salt Lake City, UT
Contractor Ascent Construction – Centerville, UT
Consultant Maintenance Design Group – Denver, CO